¡Klezmerama, award winners in the Folkez Blai festival 2023!

First time lucky! Klezmerama participated in their first competition and became one of the prize winners….


The Group:

Heidi Erbrich, electric violin (UK)
Sónnica Yepes, vocals (Spain, Germany)
Pau Barberà, accordeon (Spain)
Paul Fitzgerald, electric bass (Ireland, USA)
Eva Domingo, percussion/vocals (Spain)


Klezmerama is eclectic, electric klezmer: global rhythms united with lively klezmer melodies & timeless songs from the Yiddish musical theater.
Traditional timbres from the accordion intertwine through the soundscape of the electric violin, whilst the darbuka dances along with the funky electric bass.
Communication & audience participation are central to Klezmerama’s performances, enticing the public into their vibrant world. Since their inicial formation in 2020 Klezmerama has been winning over audiences with their infectious energy and their fresh, new interpretations of old klezmer classics.
All the members of Klezmerama come from successful careers as professional musicians, with very varied musical backgrounds, but they are united together by their love of this very special repertoire.


Klezmerama was founded by Heidi Erbrich (electric violin) and Eva Domingo (percussion), who together were winners of the Carles Santos award for best crossover/fusion cd of the year in 2021, with their group Besarabia. Klezmerama is their new project in which they want to bring their concept of making music without borders or boundaries to the klezmer/Yiddish repertory. They are joined by the powerful, jazzy voice of Sonnica Yepes, the grooving electric bass of Irish born, American bass player, Paul  Fitzgerald, and the thrilling tones of  accordionist, Pau Barberá.

klezmerama klezmer band

Management & Booking :
tel. (0034) 659 465 711
email : klezmerama@gmail.com
instagram: @klezmerama
facebook: klezmerama

Sonnica Yepes

Sónnica Yepes – vocals

The daughter of actors, Sonnica grew up in Madrid. From 1995 to 2015 she lived in Germany, where she studied and began her career as a singer in the European jazz and world music scene, collaborating with many renowned musicians. She was a member of “Slixs and Friends” that interpreted Bobby McFerrin’s “VOCABularies”. Under his direction she performed and toured during 2013 and 2014. She has also recorded many works as a solo artist. In 2015, she moved to Valencia, Spain, where she has recorded two albums and worked with organisations such as Sedajazz. Her most recent recordings are:

-SINCRONICIDAD . Sónnica Yepes and Kontxi Lorente. Playing the Music of Sting & The Police. Sedajazz Records 2018
– Só ART “Minimal” . Carles Llusar and Sónnica Yepes. Discmedi Barcelona 2019. Produced by Nacho Mañó.

Heidi Erbrich

Heidi Erbrich – violín eléctrico

Heidi Erbrich studied baroque violin at the Royal Academy of Music in London and at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. She has performed throughout Europe with conductors such as Hermann Max, Richard Egarr, Erik van Nevel and Carles Magraner. She is currently co-leader of the early music orchestra Florilegium Musicum, in the Netherlands, and co-founder of the chamber music group In Stil Moderno. Due to her inquisitive mentality and love of many genres of music, her career has led her to play with groups of varying musical styles such as jazz, rock, Cuban son, klezmer music and also with her own folk-funk group in the Netherlands, Red Herring.
Since 2013 she is a founding member of the group Besarabia. The group specializes in Balkan, Klezmer and Mediterranean music and, more recently, their own compositions, with which they have won several awards as well as international acclaim, performing at festivals and concert venues throughout Spain, Moldova and England. She also imparts improvisation workshops both in Spain and in the Netherlands.

Pau Barberá

Pau Barberà – Acordeón

Specializing in diatonic accordion, Pau graduated with honors from the Cataluña Superior School of Music were he focused on traditional Catalan music. A disciple of accordion professors in both popular and traditional music such as Cati Plana, Kepa Junquera, Marc del Pino y Marcel Cassellas, his career has been long and prolific.

At a young age he was composer, singer and accordionist in the group Tashkenti, as well as a member of Xavi Sarría y del Cor de la Fera. Currently, he is a member of the succesful Gipsy-Balkan group La Trocamba Matanusca and is the creator and leader of the project Sons d’Embat. He is professor of accordion in various music academies. Additionally he has studied the construction and origins of the accordion with which he gives workshops and seminars throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Paul Fitzgerald

Paul FitzGerald – bajo eléctrico

The Belfast born bassist has gained a reputation for establishing solid rhythms for a variety of artists. While living in California he released four albums and toured the USA with the Los Angeles based group, Bullet Made Statues. As a member of the R&B/Funk outfit House Arrest and other groups, he has shared the stage with many well known acts including Lakeside, Rose Royce, the Dazz Band, Culture, and Ben Kinney among others. Now based in Valencia, Spain, Paul plays in a wide variety of groups including Xixa Morá, Klezmerama and Alberto Amar’s “The Day”.

Eva Domingo

Eva Domingo – percusión / voz

Eva Domingo is both actress and musician. After finishing her studies in dramatic art she founded the theater group Rodamons theater-Trencaclosques,
(1996-2012). Whilst performing with Rodamons, she developed an interest and began studying, percussion for medieval and renaissance music, which resulted in her recording several albums and performing numerous concerts throughout Spain. She combined her profession as an actress whilst continuing her studies of percussion in Arab, Turkish, Balkan and Persian music; studying with Joansa Maravilla (Aljub), Diego López (L’Ham de Foc), Pedram Khavarzamini and Zohar Fresco and began an extensive study of Mediterranean singing with Elma Sambeat. She was a member of the group Duna with Elma Sambeat and Eduard Navarro, and she is a founding member of the award winning trio Besarabia, along with Klezmerama. She is a member of the Pen’jam improvisation collective (electronics and dance) and she is director of the performance piece ‘Cuerpos Sonoros’, that integrates ceramics and percussion.

Conciertos 2023


  • Saturday September 16th, 22:00h. – Festival Uclés Música. Monasterio de Uclés. – Cuenca
  • Friday September 15th , 21,00, 32 Festival de Folklore en Villena (Alicante)
  • Saturday September 9th, 18:30h. Folkezblai- la plaza Cardenal Orbe de Ermua
  • Thursday June 29th, 22:00h. – Festival Internacional Música Serfadi – Cordoba
  • Thursday January 19th, 20:30h. – Fundación Tres Culturas. Isla de la Cartuja – Sevilla

Conciertos 2022


  • Saterday 7 May 12.30 – Casa del Mar, Valencia
  • Saturday 21 May 20.00 – Festival Murcia tres culturas
  • Sunday 29 May 19:00 – Estudios Romeral, l’Eliana
  • Friday 22 July 22.30 – Canet d’en Berenguer
  • Sunday 16 October 13.00 – Ojalá – Lliria
  • Saturday 19 November 18.00 – Cultura als Barrís – Parc del carrer de Sant Pancraci,  Marxalenes – Valencia

Management & Booking :

tel. (0034) 659 465 711
email : klezmerama@gmail.com
instagram: @klezmerama
facebook: klezmerama

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